Volunteering – it’s good for your health

So you can feel good by doing good! “We know that volunteering is good for people’s general wellbeing, as well as contributing to our communities.We gathered together and learnt about building our own resilience through volunteering.

A new tool to support volunteer engagement

Volunteers | tūao give their unpaid time and skills to communities and causes they believe in. This volunteering action needs to be nurtured and enabled. Our Guidelines are based on what volunteers need and offers easy steps for you to meet their needs. Seven practice areas, based on the volunteering lifecycle journey have been identified.

Read more and use the guidelines.

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Together we create excellent Volunteering experiences

Volunteers deliver over 159 million voluntary hours and $4 billion of financial value to our society and economy every year. Volunteers are vital to the organisations, groups or clubs who rely on their contribution to achieve their goals.

At Volunteering Services  our mission is to provide vital advocacy services to connect our communities and champion volunteering excellence across our region. By supporting organisations and volunteers with a range of services we help:

  • Volunteers actively engage in the community, make a difference and learn new skills
  • Organisations recruit, lead and retain Volunteers by creating excellent Volunteering experiences
  • Our funders, donors and supporters achieve their community goals






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