Introducing Lindsay Goodin, volunteer at Waipuna Hospice depot and one of the Top 10 Star Volunteers!
Lindsay brings his ‘A’ game every week when he volunteers at the @Waipuna Hospice Fraser St depot, using his specialist skills to sort valuable jewellery and metals from the assortment of donations received.
“Lindsay never just rocks up to do an assigned job. He uses his skills to help the efficiency of the depot. He has changed how jewellery is sorted – extracting maximum worth. Every week around $1000 of fine jewellery is separated from the fashion jewellery for individual pricing.”
“He works at sorting metals, again extracting maximum worth, but also saving the environment from unnecessary dumping. This gives the hospice another revenue stream.”
“Lindsay is an unsung hero….using his skills to make systems better. His knowledge is making a real difference in so many areas.”
Lindsay, you’re an inspiration to inspire others to step up and let their talents shine for the good of all.