You might have noticed that our website and branding has changed. We are excited to share the revitalisation of our brand and the story behind it.

Since I joined the organisation in September 2020 the team and I have been busy working on a new strategy. Centred around Volunteering Bay of Plenty as the hub for Volunteering services in the region, we will serve our communities by Connecting, Advocating, Protecting and Educating (CAPE) with vital services that enable Volunteering excellence.

Given our new strategy and energy, we have revitalised our brand to better reflect our identity. Our goal is to be a welcoming, inclusive, professional and above all, regionally relevant brand that can be accessed by anyone in the community who wants to engage with Volunteering. To achieve this, we have improved our website and its usability, and updated our brand identity.

You will see that we are still using a ‘V’ logo similar to the previous (international branded ‘V’). However, we have carefully selected a new look that draws on our local geography with colours of blue, green and yellow. We were very keen to additionally ensure the visual had strong identification as a New Zealand brand. Hence, we have inserted the curled fronds of the koru on one side of our new ‘V’.

What the koru symbolises (new beginnings, strength, growth and harmony) is totally in line with our work, our approach, and our and desire to be inclusive in the way we serve the communities in the Bay of Plenty. Our strength and resilience in bouncing back from significant challenges over the last couple of years and our resolve to continue in peace and harmony into a new season, resonates with what the koru represents.

Front and centre of our new look is our heroes – Volunteers. Contributing over $4 billion of financial value to our country every year, Volunteers play a vital role in our society. We are driven to make sure they have an excellent experience when Volunteering. That is why we want to partner with local organisations to deliver relevant services that connect communities and enable Volunteering excellence.

Are you interested in creating excellent experiences for your Volunteers? If so, get in touch to discuss how we can help. I’d love to chat with you more.

Vanessa Lister