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105, 2022

Announcing our Serve & Earn initiative

When we ran our Volunteer Survey in January one key finding was that a significant proportion of Volunteers are also looking for paid work. Because it actually costs them money to turn up. We’ve been working to find solutions. When we tell you that one of these initiatives, Serve & Earn, is happening in the kiwi fruit industry, we’re well aware that the industry’s reputation is a controversial [...]

604, 2022

Results are out! Volunteer Survey 2022

Volunteer Survey February 2022 – The Results   Here at Volunteering Bay of Plenty we are always keen to know what Volunteers are thinking and what’s important to them. What better way to find that out than to ask directly, so we ran a survey in January and are now pleased to be able to share the results with you.   The full report runs to 10 pages so in this [...]

3101, 2022

Should Volunteers Ever Be Paid?

That might sound like an odd question. After all, a Volunteer is someone who works without expecting to be paid, right? Maybe it isn’t always quite that simple. We tend to think of Volunteers as generous people who give up their time to work for charities and community organisations, their only reward being the satisfaction of knowing that they're helping. While many of them certainly do fit that description I [...]

3011, 2021

Leading Volunteers through Major Change

It’s tough to lead a team through times of massive change. It’s even harder when they're Volunteers.Most humans dislike change, especially when it’s unexpected and will potentially make life harder. Whether it’s a pandemic, a global economic meltdown or major natural disaster the instinct is to hide or run. Good Volunteer Managers don’t do either so there’s a significant burnout risk. It’s our mission to support Volunteers and Volunteer Managers [...]

111, 2021

Do Great Volunteers Make Great Employees?

There are many reasons job seekers should consider Volunteering to boost their career or increase their chances of landing a great new role. There are also some very good reasons why Volunteering experience can be attractive to employers. That’s where we’ll focus in this article. What makes a great employee? When you have an important role to fill you know that the ‘perfect’ person doesn’t exist. But you do want [...]

310, 2021

Effective Volunteer Management – Challenging for Smaller Organisations

Getting the right Volunteers on board is crucial. When you follow the *6 Steps to find the ideal Volunteers for your organisation, you’ll have access to some wonderful people on board, ready and excited to help you change the world. I wrote about that in my blog last month - it’s only the first step. If yours is one of the hundreds of smaller community organisations and charities that depend [...]

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